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Our story

Where we began

From humble beginnings training friends and family, brothers Brendan and Pat first started Community Fitness Canberra in 2013. Since then, the business has grown and expanded but the mission has not changed; To make the world a healthier and fitter place through training, education and sharing of knowledge. The vision is to deliver this through Community Fitness Canberra by providing the ultimate health and fitness experience to all our members.

Where we are

Community Fitness Canberra now located in a dedicated 320m2 facility with all the equipment and expert coaching needed to incorporate a variety of functional movements into our daily programming to give you skills across multiple physical domains to achieve a well-rounded and inclusive style of fitness. We pride ourselves on helping every person that walks through our doors improve their health and fitness.

Going forward

As Community Fitness Canberra our focus is on our members and community. We will always continue to deliver the ultimate health and fitness experience to all of our members, whilst promoting a safe, fun and inclusive workout environment. We are always learning and evolving for the benefit of our members. Our members don't stop evolving and neither will we.

our community

We consider ourselves one big family with a community focused attitude towards training. We cater to a variety of fitness levels from beginners just starting out in the fitness world, through to experienced athletes who are looking for that extra edge in their training.